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How to Become a Parent Volunteer/Como Ser un Padre Voluntario

  • 1.Sign-up in the Parent Center with Mrs. Cecilia Castillo (Parent Liaison).
  • Inscríbase en Centro de Padres con Cecilia Castillo (Coordinadoras de Padres)

  • 2.Take a TB test at the place of your choice (Must show a photo ID). Save the receipt and give it to the VDS secretary to receive a reimbursement.
  • Hágase la prueba de la Tuberculosis en el lugar de su elección (debe mostrar una identificación con foto). Guarde y entregue su recibo a la secretaria de VDS (Mónica González) par recibir su reembolso.
  • 3.Call the District Office (760) 399-5137 and ask for Jazmin Persaud (Human Resources Department) to make an appointment to take I TB test results.
  • Llame a la Oficina del Distrito (760) 399-5137 pregunte por Jazmin Persaud (Departamento de Recursos Humanos) para hacer una cita y entregar sus resultados de la prueba de la Tuberculosis.
  • 4.The District will give you the form for Fingerprinting and instruct you where to go. You will need a photo ID. The District will pay to $50 fee. There is an additional fee $14 that you will need to pay, but save the receipt and give to the VDS Secretary (Monica Gonzales) to receive a reimbursement.
  • En el Distrito se le entregara la aplicación para las huellas y se le dirá a donde ir. Necesitará una identificación con foto. El Distrito pagará el cobro de $50.00. Hay un cobro adicional de $14.00 que usted tiene que pagar. Guarde y entregue su recibo a la secretaria de VDS (Mónica González) para recibir su reembolso.
  • 5.Fingerprinting should clear in 2 – 3 weeks. You will receive a phone call from the district when they have cleared.
  • Las huellas deberán estar listas en 2 a 3 semanas. Usted recibirá una llamada telefónica del Distrito cuando estén listas.
  • 6.When you have received final notification from the district, please call the school (760) 398-1025 to notify our Parent Liaison, Cecilia Castillo, so that she assists you in beginning your volunteer work.
  • En cuanto usted reciba la notificación final del distrito, por favor llame a la escuela (760) 398-1025 para notificar a nuestra Coordinadora de Padres, Cecilia Castillo, de esta manera ella podrá asistirle a comenzar su trabajo como voluntario.

THANK YOU! We are looking forward to your participation at VDS!

¡MUCHAS GRACIAS! ¡Estamos ansiosos por tenerlos como padres voluntarios en la escuela VDS!

Valle Del Sol Dress Code Guidelines

We believe that one educational responsibility includes helping students develop positive and appropriate habits for their dress. Additionally, wearing a school uniform helps promote school spirit and allows the students to take pride in their school. As a result, students are expected to be familiar with these guidelines and wear clothes that are neat, clean, and appropriate for school.


  • All students must wear goldenrod color shirts.
  • Polo, button down, and t-shirts are permitted.
  • Shirts must be plain or have the Valle Del Sol logo as we strive to promote school spirit.
  • Shirts may be short or long sleeved.
  • Undergarments must be concealed at all times. See-through or fish-net fabrics, halter tops, off-the-shoulder, spaghetti straps, low-cut tops, or bare midriffs shirts are not allowed.


  • All students may wear solid khaki or black pants.
  • The pants must be full length, appropriately fastened at the waist and not “sag”.
  • No embroidery, holes, patches, or designs are allowed.


  • Students may wear solid khaki or black shorts.
  • Shorts must be hemmed, appropriately fastened at the waist, and not “sag”.
  • Shorts are to be mid-thigh or longer in length. A recommended guide would be that they pass the “fingertip test.” This means that the hem is even with or longer than the child’s fingertips when his/her arms are at his/her sides. No “short-shorts” of any style are to be worn at school.


  • Girls may wear solid khaki or black skirts.
  • Skirts must be approximately knee length

Foot Wear/Head Wear/Make-up

  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Athletic shoes, laced shoes, loafers, dress shoes, or other closed toe and closed heel shoes are permitted.
  • Flip flops, thongs, backless shoes, sandals, and open toe shoes are not permitted.
  • Platform shoes or shoes with heels higher than 1” are not allowed.
  • Healy’s are not permitted unless the wheels are removed prior to coming on campus.
  • Hats are allowed as a means for sun protection, but must be removed when indoors.
  • Make-up is not appropriate for school. Students are only allowed to wear clear lip gloss or ChapStick to keep their lips from being sunburned or chapped.


  • Jewelry must be worn in moderation. Students are not permitted to wear long chains around their necks. Visible body piercings, except pierced ears, are not allowed.
  • Please note that Valle Del Sol is not responsible for any lost or damaged jewelry items.

Jackets and Sweaters:

  • School colors are preferred, but not required.
  • All jackets and sweaters must be worn over the accepted school uniform.

Boys’ Uniform Options:

  • Polo or button-down shirts
  • T-shirts (Active Wear, not undershirts)
  • Shorts or pants

Girls’ Uniform Options:

  • Polo or button-down shirts/blouses
  • T-shirts (Active Wear, not undershirts)
  • Skorts, skirts, jumpers
  • Shorts or pants (Capri pants okay)

VDS Spirit Fridays:

  • VDS will observe “Spirit Dress” on Fridays and students will be permitted to wear any VDS spirit shirt. This includes VDS testing shirts, VDS sports jerseys and other VDS shirts. Additionally, students will be allowed to wear denim blue jeans, shorts, and skirts on Friday as well.

Progressive notifications for students not wearing a school uniform:

  • 1.Verbal reminder to the student.
  • 2.Written reminder is sent home from the school.
  • 3.Phone call to parents or guardians.
  • 4.Phone call home and parent or guardian will be required to bring the student appropriate clothing to the school. Student will also be provided with the correct apparel if the school is unable to make contact with the parent or guardian.

Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring that your student wears the appropriate VDS attire to school on a daily basis. Please be advised, as with any policy, it is difficult to detail all aspects of the guidelines completely and the Valle del Sol staff may be required to use their discretion regarding suitable attire in certain situations. If you have any questions concerning the dress code, please feel free to contact the school.